Red Factor Canary Champions

Red Factor CanaryC.O.M. European & U.S.A. National
Red Factor Canary Champions
One of the most popular cage and aviary bird anywhere in the world is the canary. These delightful little birds are now available in a huge array of color and shape variations and are ideal as both pets and for serious breeders and exhibitors.

Luis R. Fonticoba has been a breeder and exhibitor of the Red Factor Canary since 1970. Due to his experience, knowledge, and work ethic, Luid R. Fonticoba has been made an honorary National Colorbred Association Judge which can be seen at the official website for N.C.A. Judges at

The Luis R. Fonticoba brood stock originates from the best quality Red Factor Canaries for sale from “C.O.M.” European Champions, as well as U.S.A. National winners.

Breeder and exhibitor of different colors including the classic as well as the new mutations, but specializing in Red Factor. Breeding an average of 1,250 babies per year.

Because of the Annual Moult, shipping the birds during June – July – August is not advisable for Red Factor Canaries for sale, in the event of extreme cold or heat, shipments will have to be delayed.

Flight confirmation or postal service are made by phone the evening before shipping.

Birds are breed for color, size and type according to the standards.

Note that birds are shown in the national color bred standard show cages.

Brokers and pet shops are also welcome.

Reservations are taken for bird to be shipped after October 10th.
On a first come first serve basis.

Red Factor Canaries for Sale

:: Puzzling Question ::
The offspring from pairing a recessive white male with red eyes with a recessive white hen with red eyes will exhibit which of the following traits:(a) 100% recessive white the RED eyes
(b) 100% recessive white with normal eyes
(c) 50% recessive white with RED eyes and 50% recessive white with normal eyes
(d) All of the above
Find out the true answer to this Canary question.