Humbly It Seems That The Cuban Was Right

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The recognition of the canary Bruno Satine by the C.O.M. proves him right.

1st Opinion

Mr. Geof Walker International Judge of Colored Canaries manifests in his very good book The Colored Canary that the Satine mutation is a new mutation of a gene previously mutated as the first reducer of melanins, call it Isabela and Agate, therefore, the Satine mutation is inseparable from the Isabela and Agate mutations, neither Bruno nor Black they can be Satine.

2nd. Opinion

In 1981, the well-known international judge of colored canaries, Mr. Bernandino Yevez, said that the Satine gene is located very close to the gene for the dilution produced by Ágatas and Isabeles, for which reason there would have to be a crossing over. The gene for oxidation is not an allele to them. The Bruno nor the Black exist.

3rd. Opinion.

Bruno and Negro (typical satine) are the only ones in existence, Agate and Isabel are impossible to exist, Mr. Pomarede, Filleue, Kop, Conalli, etc. agree with the above.

The Satine gene is an allele together with the dilution gene and the oxidation gene, all three occupy the same place on the chromosome, forming what is known as polyallelism.

Mr. Luis R. Fonticoba expresses with great humility that he does not agree with any of the opinions of such respectable men.

4th. Opinion

First = the Satine gene can be transferred to all four melanins, this does not mean that the Black Satine will be recognized to be exhibited in any show for various reasons.

Second = Satine Factor is not a second mutation of a previously mutated gene.

Third = the oxidation gene and the melanin reducing gene are alleles, but even though they are on the same sex chromosome, they are not located in the same place and do not form an allelic series.

I hope to be forgiven if you feel that I have disrespected you in any way.