Bird Canary for Sale

Bird Canary for Sale

Great Ways to Find Canaries For Sale By Beth Richardson. Are you looking to buy a canary? If you’re looking for Canaries for Sale, here are some great places to look:

– Craigslist / Kijiji These are online classifieds, and these days have more ads than most newspapers. Search for Canary or Canaries, and chances are you’ll stumble on some offers! If doing a private sale, and visiting people with ads at their houses (or yours) always notify somebody that you’re meeting with a stranger, and check in with them at a specific interval – this way if anything happens, somebody will know to send for help.

– Google Bird Canary for Sale Search Google for “Canaries” “Canary” and “Canaries for Sale” as well as your town or county. Google is great at coming up with this information, and if anyone has posted an offer, you should be able to find it. Also try searching for the above words with “breeder” as well as your town or country. Chances are you’ll find an offer with these words

– Pet Stores Bird Canary for Sale Pet Stores often carry Canaries (as well as other birds) and may be able to refer you to where you can find a breeder or bird for sale. It’s good to have a relationship with your local pet store, as this will help ensure that you’re taking care of your canary in the long run

– Pet Shelters Bird Canary for Sale While these are normally for dogs and cats, some canaries do end up at pet shelters. Phone and ask. This is a great way to adopt a pet in need of help! Too many times pets are abandoned and left with a shelter.

– Vets While vets do not sell pets, they may be aware of people around who may have canaries for sale. Simply phone them and ask if they can refer you to anyone who might be able to help! Beth Richardson is a long time Canary owner and loves all things involving birds, singing, and the color yellow. <--visit